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Tile and grout cleaning is especially tough without the right tools and equipment; it takes a lot of work to get stubborn stains out of your tile floors, especially if it’s been a while since it was deep cleaned or sealed. It’s messy, hard on the knees, and difficult to get the results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning. Grout is  an extremely porous material that’s acts like a sponge to collect dirt, filth, and spills which will often discolor the surface. Even regular floor mopping and cleaning can’t eliminate the penetrated dirt that lies within the grout seams. Our skilled tile and grout cleaning service removes that embedded dirt and restores the natural look to your hard surface tile floors.

Tile and Grout Cleanig and Restoration Process


Area Preparation

The first step in our tile and grout cleaning and restoration process is preparing the area to be cleaned. We carefully move all furniture from the area and sweep up any loose dirt and debris. Of course once the process is finished we’ll put all your furnishings back where we found them.


The second step involves the pre-treatment of your tile and grout. We pre-treat and saturate all tile and grout using safe and sustainable products. This process allows the tile and grout solution to dwell and prepares it for the next critical step.

Dirt And Soil Removal

The third step involves a deep cleaning of your tile and grout using our proven floor cleaning equipment and techniques. This process will remove all dirt and soil build-up, leaving your tile and grout exceptionally clean.

Rinse And Restore

Step four involes the application of a neutral rinse cleaning solution designed to restore your floor’s pH levels. This ensures that nothing is left behind that might damage your floors and helps to extend their useful life.

step five

Accelerated Drying

We then employ high powered drying fans to completely and thoroughly dry your tiles and grout. This is the last critical step before applying the clear sealant that will maintain the “new look” of your grout and tiles for a long time.

step six

Sealed By Hand

The final step involves sealing the grout lines with a professional grade sealant. Unlike most companies that use a mop-on sealant, Reliable’s tile and grout technicians apply the sealant by hand, ensuring proper coverage and exceptional protection.


There is nothing quite like fresh, clean tile floors! And the only thing better than fresh clean tile is when it is cleaned by someone else. Now you can give a gift of professional tile and grout cleaning services to someone you love with Reliable Home Services Gift Cards! The best Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or just because gift that money can buy!

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